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Full Moon 04.26.21


The night sky has always been a place of comfort for me. When I was very young, my father passed away in a car accident.  To keep his presence alive, my mother told me the brightest star in the sky was him, looking down on me.  In the darkest night, he will always be there. I spent countless nights looking for the one; the BRIGHTEST star.  It was always there, and so was he. I started noticing a lot about the sky.  Wondering all the stories behind those burning balls of light.  What do others see when they look to the stars?
The stars are beautiful, but there’s one thing about the night sky that I was truly in love with.
The Moon.
Have you felt her pull?
Ever since I was a child I have had an immense draw to the moon.  When I look at her I don’t just see, I feel her. From the deepest parts within me I feel as if I belong with her, she is part of me.
The moon always felt like so much more.  She was too powerful to be claimed.  

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